Why Individualpreneurship?

Individualpreneurship – the discipline of the individual entrepreneur as an enterprise

Achieving Plan B through individualpreneurship – the notion of the individual as an enterprise

Changing trends in enterprises, entrepreneurship, and employment

Serial entrepreneurship, multipreneurship, individualpreneurship, and the self-reliant career

Using communication styles that entertain, inform, convince, and persuade

Delivering memorable speeches and presentations

Enterpriship – the art and science of entrepreneurship, leadership, and management

Credo for success – the enterpriship model for entrepreneurship, leadership, and management

The enterpriship manifesto – seven guiding principles for building enterprises and societies

Highlights of entrepreneurship, leadership, and management – the disciplines of enterpriship

What disciplines do entrepreneurs, lifestyle enterprise owners, and executives really have to know?

Balancing inter-personal skills with professional skills

Understanding individual competencies to build successful personal and professional relationships

Applying individual competencies to employment, entrepreneurship, and investment opportunities

The framework for building sustainable advantage

Building sustainable advantage from vision to value