Building Sustainable Advantage From Vision To Value

The Business Leadership Development Corporation (BLD) is a publishing and training company offering articles, books, and seminars on entrepreneurship, leadership, and the management of enterprises. These materials emphasize building sustainable advantage from vision to value.


The company was founded by Nigel A.L. Brooks. It is the successor company to Tornado Enterprises, which was established in the United Kingdom. BLD is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, with a business office in Tempe, Arizona. Within the scope of business leadership development, the company publishes learning materials that focus on building sustainable advantage from vision to value


Initially, BLD was a management consulting firm, advising entrepreneurs, lifestyle enterprise owners, executives, managers, professionals, and the enterprises they serve. Enterprises include businesses, not-for-profit associations, and government agencies. 

BLD has developed the disciplines of individualpreneurship and enterpriship, the notion of building enterprises through three disciplines: entrepreneurship, leadership, and management.  The enterpriship disciplines are of value to entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers, professionals, and the enterprises they serve.

The consulting practice is now offered through Nigel Brooks, LLC, and its joint-venture, TechKnowPartners, LLC, which promotes the materials, and etaila.com, the eretail store.  However, BLD maintains a client base for its training products offered through The Center For Business Leadership Development (CBLD).

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